©2019 Manuel Graubner

My education as a director for documentary films at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in the class of Professor Thomas Schadt („Flexibility of your mind and mobility of your body is what you need!“) taught me some values that I take to my heart in my work. 


Permanent curiosity, openness and impartiality are helping me during research, development, shooting and completion of all kinds of projects, both on the field of documentary and commercial work. For example, the „Wild Germany“-Films about Ultras, Hackers and Body Modifiers (Vice Media/ZDFneo) encounter protagonists that are mostly looked at suspiciously at eye level. They are a good example for my perspectival approach.


On a completely different level but with the same communicative attitude I try to comprehend and realise the requests and wishes of agencies and clients on the commercial field. It is my premise to approach a commonly defined goal with an open mind. That is how a planned keynote for the Berlin tech fair IFA turned into a successful TVC for Samsung - Wim Wenders liked my idea of using a stream-of-consciousness voice over like in his film „Wings of Desire“ to relate shooting locations from the film with today´s situation. 


As a big advantage of the documentary class I also acquired skills as a cinematographer. In several TV productions I could share my experiences, especially when no detailed planning was possible in the heat of the moment. 


Another field of activity that I like a lot is film knowledge transfer. During filmschool I gave workshops for teenagers. For two years now I am part of the teaching staff at Jugendfilmcamp (www.jugendfilmcamp.de). Since 2016 I work as a guest lecturer at ems Electronic Media School in Potsdam-Babelsberg.